Main Projects

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We have worked on various projects to enhance excipients’ properties to aid formulators to manage their formulations successfully. Our main projects have included:

  • Direct compression excipients for tablets
  • Free-flowing excipients for hard capsule filling
  • Co-processed multi-functional excipients
  • Suspensions thickeners
  • Stabilizers for suspending & emulsifying systems.
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We have created sets of regulatory documents for various companies and their products composed of:

  • Welcoming introductory communication
  • Elegant leaflets and brochures
  • Informative specifications sheets
  • Certificate of Analysis layout
  • Application sheets
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We have delivered various technical presentations and webinars on excipients. They have been instructive on multiple topics such as:

  • Development of tablet, capsule, and suspension formulations
  • Enhancement of existing formulations
  • Formulation troubleshooting
  • Specification and analytical development
  • Monitoring application tests to guarantee performance
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We have assisted global alliances in mergers and acquisitions of US companies. We manage their activities representing and liaised foreign groups with:

  • US accounting, legal, patent, and trademark professionals
  • Customs brokerage and Warehousing
  • Selection of distribution channels and distributors
  • Training of sales and technical teams
  • Preparation of marketing plans and marketing activities
  • Promotion of functional ingredients for pharmaceutical and food applications.
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